GXT 635 Rumax Multiplatform RGB 2.1 Speaker Set


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Powerful 2.1 speaker set with customizable RGB LED illumination, HDMI input and Bluetooth wireless technology

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Key features

  • Premium 2.1 speaker set with powerful and rich sound (80W peak power)
  • Multiplatform: use with your laptop, PC, phone, tablet, games console, TV or set top box
  • Use wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via digital (optical, HDMI-ARC, USB) and analogue (3.5mm) inputs
  • RGB illumination on drivers, front and backside; can all be controlled individually
  • Create a unique atmosphere with the ambient lights on the back of the speakers
  • 6 pre-defined light modes: including solid bass-synced colours, breathing RGB, rotating RGB and bass-synced RGB
  • Easily access all controls on the satellite speaker, including bass and treble to finetune your audio experience
  • Control your speaker wirelessly with the included remote control
  • Smart power management: goes into stand-by mode when not in use

The Premium Experience

Step into  a new world in terms of entertainment with the Trust GXT 635 Rumax RGB LED Illuminated 2.1 Speaker Set. These stereo speakers come with a powerful subwoofer, can be adjusted to your liking in terms of sound quality, and are outfitted with multiple RGB zones for a premium audio experience with a nice visual flair.

Powerful and Rich Sound

With the Trust Rumax you’ll experience audio in a completely new way. This set outputs 80W of peak power (40W RMS) and comes with a 5 inch subwoofer for a thundering bass. Adjust the bass and the treble to your liking, either via the controls on the back of the speaker or by using the wireless remote.

Colourful Ambience

The Rumax is outfitted with multiple zones of RGB LED lighting to create a unique ambience. The frontside and the driver of each speaker are illuminated and there is even a RGB LED on the backside of each satellite to project a beautiful light on your wall. Thanks to the 6 pre-defined light modes on this speaker set, you’ll create an ambience unlike any other, like rotating RGB or bass-synced effects to completely immerse you in your game.


Why choose your speaker set on what connection it uses? The Trust Rumax works with pretty much anything: HDMI ARC, optical, 3.5mm. There’s Bluetooth so you can connect your phone wirelessly or just plug in a USB flash drive with MP3’s. The possibilities are endless; connect The Trust Rumax to your PC or laptop, your game console, your TV or set top box. Experience a new way of playing games, watching movies or listening to music.

Complete Control

The Trust Rumax comes with a handy remote control which allows you to fully control your music, the sound quality and the lighting effects. You can adjust the volume and turn on the Eco mode which will switch off the speaker set when not in use. There are also control knobs on the back of the speaker to adjust the bass and treble if you prefer to use those. With the Rumax, you’re in complete control.


Type of speaker 2.1
Total weight 3600 g
Connection type wired, wireless
Cable length power cable 120 cm
Cable length audio cable 170 cm
Cable length satellite cable 180 cm
Cable length subwoofer to satellite cable 200 cm
Bluetooth yes
Bluetooth version 5.0
Driver size 127 mm
Driver units 3
Speaker impedance 4 Ohm
Input impedance 10000 Ohm
Audio input Bluetooth, S/PDIF, USB, HDMI (ARC), Line-in
Audio output None
Headphone connection no
Microphone built-in no
Microphone connection no
Power output (peak) 80 W
True Wireless Stereo (TWS) no
Power output (RMS) 40 W
Power output - subwoofer (RMS) 20 W
Power output - satellite (RMS) 10 W
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20000 Hz
NFC no
Hands-free phone calls no
Tripod mount no
Power saving yes
Lights yes
Light type RGB- ring, speaker and ambient lights.
Light modes On/off, Patterns, Random, Sync-RGB, Colour, Sync-White
Waterproof no
Power cable detachable yes
Power source wall socket
Compatible Device Types smarttv, Bluetooth devices, gaming console, laptop, pc, smartphone, tablet
Compatible Consoles PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One
Controls power on/off, volume control, play controls, ECO button, input/source, light color mode, lights on/off
Remote control wireless
Satellite Height (mm) 225 mm
Satellite Width (mm) 105 mm
Satellite Depth (mm) 115 mm
Subwoofer Height (mm) 225 mm
Subwoofer Width (mm) 105 mm
Subwoofer Depth (mm) 115 mm

Extra information

General Item number:
EAN code:
1   year
Product weight (net):
3600 g
Package contents Subwoofer 2 Satellite speakers 3.5mm audio cable Subwoofer cable Remote control (2x AAA batteries included) Power adapter User guide
System requirements 3.5mm audio connection or Optical audio connection or Bluetooth device or USB flash drive or TV with HDMI ARC output 100-240V wall power connection

Other versions

Name Item number EAN code
GXT 635 Rumax Multiplatform RGB 2.1 Speaker Set UK 24349 8713439243499




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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and configuration

How do I install the speaker set?

To use the speaker set:

(See the images in the manual for extra guidance.) 

  1. Set-up
    • Connect the satellite speakers to the subwoofer
    • Connect the subwoofer to the wall power outlet with the power cable.
  2. Connecting audio
    Select the correct mode for the audio source that you want to connect via the middle button of the remote
  3. Digital TV
    • Set the mode to ARC with the button on the remote
    • Connect the speaker to the HDMI (ARC) connection of the TV
  4. Bluetooth
    • Set the mode to BT with the button on the remote
    • Press 4 seconds on the middle part of the round button of the remote to start the pairing process. The LED will flash blue when the pairing process has started.
    • Go to the Bluetooth section of the device you are connecting to and select Trust GXT 635 to pair. The LED will stop flashing and remain blue when the pairing has been done succesfully.


What is the average time before the speaker enters its power saving mode?

After about 30 minutes of no sound (silence) the speaker enters its power saving mode.

How do I turn the speaker on/off?

Use the on/off button on the top left side of the remote.

What do the LED mode colours mean?

The LED colours indicate the mode that is selected:
Blue = Bluetooth
Red = USB
Green = AUX
Orange = Optical
White = HDMI-ARC

What lighting colour modes can you set?

There are 6 pre-defined light modes that you can set with the lights button (marked with the light bulb) on the remote:
1. Rainbow
2. Cycle
3. StatRing
4. Ambient
5. Neon
6. Static
7. Off 

My speaker (with smart power management) won't resume playing?

Your speaker will go into Standby mode if it doesn’t detect audio input after a specific amount of time.

This speaker uses a fixed threshold input level to enable the smart power management feature. This means if you greatly lower the volume your speaker might interpret this as silence and go into Standby mode. 

To avoid this from happening, turn up the volume as high as it can go without distortion setting in, and use the volume controls on your speaker to determine how loud (or soft) you want your audio.

Please note that some computers won't let attached devices resume from standby-mode due to configuration, the speaker then has to be switched on manually.

My speaker (with smart power management) stops working after some time, what is happening?

After a period of no sound, your speaker has entered a power saving mode in order to preserve energy. When you play music again, the speaker will automatically resume playing as usual.

How long does it take for the speaker to resume playback once it's in its power saving mode?

When resuming the audio playback it takes about 1-2 seconds before the speaker is active again.

Please note that some computers won't let attached devices resume from standby-mode due to configuration, the speaker then has to be switched on manually.

How can I make sure my speaker does not enter its power saving mode unintentionally?

Increase the volume of the source (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc) and decrease the volume of the speaker to the desired volume.

What is the Eco design directive about? (Also called ErP II)

ErP is a legislation from the EU, setting eco requirements to Energy Related Products.
These requirements are intended to reduce (standby) power consumption and in general reduce energy losses.

Solving problems

I have a Dell computer and am having issues with the computer audio. What can I do?

If you are experiencing audio issues on your Dell computer, make sure to install the latest audio drivers for your computer from the Dell website at https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us?app=drivers

If this does not solve your problem, contact the Dell support or your system administrator. 

The remote is not reacting (correctly).

First check the battery. If the battery starts to run out, the working distance of the remote decreases and the speaker will often no longer respond consistently. Try a new battery, and check if the issue persists.

If a new battery doesn't fix the issue, contact our support team for further advice.

One of the speakers is not working. What can I do?

We recommend to test the speakers first, by switching the left/right output of the subwoofer.

Furthermore, it is advised to check if the problem is related to the subwoofer output or to the speaker itself.

Subwoofer is not working.

  • Make sure the subwoofer volume knob is open.
  • Check cable connections of subwoofer.
  • Check connection of speaker to soundcard  (colors of connectors must match colors connectors PC-side)

Where is your service center? Or where can I send my product to be repaired?

Unfortunately, we do not have service centers to repair products.
A defective product should be replaced by your point of purchase during the warranty period.

My product is faulty. What do I do?

We offer a 'return to retailer' warranty on our products. In case of a defect, you can return the product to your retailer with failure description, proof of purchase and all accessories. During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the retailer if available. For full warranty conditions you can consult: https://www.trust.com/support/warranty


Warranty conditions
  • Trust offers a warranty to the original purchaser from an authorized retailer.
  • Your Trust product is guaranteed under the terms and conditions of this warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year* from the date of original purchase, if purchased from an official retailer.
    • *In EU, there is a statutory minimum warranty period of 2 years on every product we sell.
  • In case of defect, return the product to your retailer with failure description, valid proof of purchase and all accessories.
  • During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the retailer if available.
  • Warranty will be void in cases of opened products, physical damage, misuse, modification, repair by unauthorised persons, carelessness and using the product for other purpose than its intended use.
  • Exclusions of warranty:
    • Damage caused by accidents or disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, war, vandalism or theft.
    • Incompatibility with other hardware/software not defined as minimum system requirements.
    • Accessories such as batteries and fuses.
  • In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, including any loss of business profits or any other commercial damages, arising out of the use of its product.


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