Vaia Wireless Keyboard with large Touchpad

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Teclado sem fios com touchpad grande

Teclado multimédia sem fios com touchpad grande integrado, para controlar o portátil/PC, a Smart TV ou a consola de jogos confortavelmente sentado no sofá

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Características principais

  • Teclado de tamanho normal para teclar com todo o conforto e rapidez
  • Touchpad grande integrado, para controlar na perfeição a sua Smart TV, portátil, PC ou consola de jogos
  • Teclas de multimédia de fácil acesso, convenientemente colocadas acima do touchpad
  • Navegue na internet rapidamente, publique atualizações em redes sociais e envie e-mails de forma fácil e rápida
  • Compacto e leve, ideal para usar na sala de estar
  • Controle confortavelmente a partir do sofá, graças ao alcance sem fios de 10 metros
  • Fácil de configurar: basta ligar o microrrecetor USB e está pronto a usar

All-In-One Control: Multi-Manage Your Devices

With the Vaia Wireless Touchpad Keyboard, you have complete control. Link the keyboard wirelessly to your devices and engage your laptop, Smart TV, PC or game console with smart multimedia keys and a convenient touchpad. 

The Multitasker’s Gadget

The Vaia Wireless Touchpad Keyboard is designed for those who want to get things done, quickly and comfortably. Enjoy the full-size keyboard layout for quick and comfortable typing, multimedia keys for smart-access with a single press, and an intuitive touchpad for fast navigation. Designed to save time and avoid the hassle of operating multiple remotes spread across the room, this keyboard makes for a smart choice for the busy multitasker.  

Type, Chat, Watch and Browse from the Couch

Compact, lightweight and wireless; with the Vaia Wireless Touchpad Keyboard you can conveniently control your devices – PC, laptop, game console and Smart TV alike – from a distance. Whether you want to browse the web, update your social media status or send an email; the 10 meter wireless range allows you to do all this without getting off the couch. Simply plug the USB receiver into the device you want to operate.

Smart Access via Multimedia Keys and Touchpad

The Vaia Wireless Touchpad Keyboard is designed to give you intuitive and smart control. Because operating your devices should be easy and fun. Give your mouse a rest and engage the keyboard’s large integrated touchpad to operate your devices. Or you can use the easy-access multimedia keys to pause a movie or adjust the volume with a single press. 


Key technology membrane
Height of main product (in mm) 18 mm
Width of main product (in mm) 326 mm
Depth of main product (in mm) 124 mm
Total weight 288 g
Weight of main unit 288 g
Full Size keyboard no
Ergonomic design no
Connection type wireless
Bluetooth no
Wireless range 10 m
Wireless protocols RF 2.4GHz
USB receiver included yes
USB version 2.0
Spill-proof no
Silent keys no
Wrist support no
Special features Integrated XL Touchpad (73 x 62 mm). 5 Dedicated multimedia buttons. 12 extra FN functions. Compact size, ideal to use from your couch
Power saving yes
Designed for gaming no
Backlight no
Keyboard layout QWERTY
Batteries included yes
Battery life (months) 6 month
Rechargeable battery no
Number of batteries 2
Wireless transmission power (mW) 1 mW
Battery type (AA, AAA, etc.) AAA
Power source battery
Compatible Device Types pc, laptop, smarttv, gaming console
Compatible Software Platforms Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS
Numeric Key Pad no
Trackpad yes
Trackpad Size 73 x 62 mm
On/off button yes
Media keys yes, 5 dedicated, 12 FN
Programmable keys no
Special keys FN keys, mouse buttons
Number of keys 79
Life time of key 1000000 presses
Indicators Battery, Caps-lock

informação extra

Geral Número do artigo:
Código EAN:
Garantia :
1   ano
Peso do produto (líquido):
288 g
Conteúdo da embalagem Teclado com touchpad integrado Microrrecetor USB 2 pilhas AAA
Requisitos de sistema Windows 10, 8 ou 7 Mac Intel com Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) ou posterior Chrome OS Porta USB

Outras versões

Nome Número do artigo Código EAN
Vaia Wireless Keyboard with large Touchpad RU 23534 8713439235340
Vaia Wireless Keyboard with large Touchpad IT 23700 8713439237009
Vaia Wireless Keyboard with large Touchpad ND 23859 8713439238594
Vaia Wireless Keyboard with large Touchpad UK 23968 8713439239683
Vaia Wireless Keyboard with large Touchpad GR 24006 8713439240061
Vaia Wireless Keyboard with large Touchpad BE 24198 8713439241983




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Perguntas Frequentes

Instalação e configuração

How do I install the keyboard?

Laptop or PC


  • Place the batteries in the keyboard.
  • Place the USB-receiver in the closest (to the keyboard) USB-port of your laptop or pc.
  • Switch the keyboard ON with the button on the bottom of the keyboard.
  • Restart the laptop or pc.
  • When the laptop or pc has restarted, it will recognize the keyboard and install the built-in driver. This might take a few moments.
  • The keyboard is ready to use. 




  • Place the batteries in the keyboard.
  • Place the USB-receiver in the closest (to the keyboard) USB-port of your smartTV.
  •  Switch the keyboard ON with the button on the bottom of the keyboard.
  • Switch the smartTV on.
  • Select the keyboard in the settings of your smartTV.
  • The keyboard is ready to use. 


The characters on the keyboard don't correspond to the characters that I type on the TV. How can I change the lay-out?

Make sure that the keyboard is supporting this layout (e.g. you have a keyboard with a UK layout and you would like to use it on your TV with a German (DE) layout. In this case, the characters on the screen will not correspond with the keyboard.) your TV is supporting this language and language is selected in your smart TV as an input language(s).

The steps to change the language layout vary per TV brand / model.
You can usually find this in the settings on your TV, such as:
Menu -System > Device Manager > Keyboard settings > Options Keyboard > Keyboard Language
However, per brand / model, the above naming can be different.

See an example of how to set the input language layout correctly for a Samsung Smart TV on YouTube.

Is it required to turn off the product to save power?

This product uses standby (sleep) mode to save battery power. When the product is not moving or there is no signal from the USB receiver, it will turn sleep-mode on, to save battery power.

To make sure that there is no signal still going from the computer to the product, when the product is not used (since some computers continuously power their USB-ports, even when the computer itself is switched off), we recommend to doublecheck the power management options of the USB-port, if switching the product on/off is not an option.

Solução de problemas

Perdi / parti o receptor USB. Como recebo um novo receptor USB?

Não é possível fornecer um receptor substituto para este produto.
Isto deve-se ao facto de, durante a produção, o produto e o receptor receberem um código único, pelo que o produto apenas pode comunicar com o receptor original incluído.

I get the wrong letters and/or symbols when typing on my computer.

If your keyboard isn't typing the correct characters, you may have the incorrect input language selected.
Please check the language preference settings of your system. If the correct language is not present, add this language to the system.
If you use more than one language on your system, make sure to select the correct one.

Set the correct language as explained in the keyboard settings page

The keyboard is not working.

  • Check the battery status. If the red light is visible on the keyboard, the battery is low. Replace the batteries.
  • Place the USB-receiver in a different USB-port.
  • Is the keyboard switched on?
  • Computer: Check if the keyboard is visible without errors in the Device Manager.
  • SmartTV: Check if the keyboard is set correctly in the TV settings.
  • SmartTV: Make sure the TV has support for a USB keyboard.

When I use the YouTube or Netflix app the keyboard is not working properly.

This keyboard should work with different apps. However, there is a known issue with Samsung TV's and keyboards from different brands, and the non-functioning of apps such as YouTube and Netflix We suggest to contact Samsung for more information and possible solutions.

Sometimes letters are missing when typing.

  • Clean your keyboard from dust and crumbles.
  • If you are using it with a TV, make sure that your TV and/or the app, supports all symbols and characters of the keyboard.
  • Improve wireless performance.

Where is your service center? Or where can I send my product to be repaired?

Unfortunately, we do not have service centers to repair products.
A defective product should be replaced by your point of purchase during the warranty period.

My Trust product is not working.

Follow the steps in the trouble shooting guide.

My product is faulty. What do I do?

We offer a 'return to retailer' warranty on our products. In case of a defect, you can return the product to your retailer with failure description, proof of purchase and all accessories. During the warranty period you will receive a replacement product from the retailer if available. For full warranty conditions you can consult: https://www.trust.com/support/warranty


Is my Smart TV compatible with this product?

This keyboard was not specifically tested with every model Smart-TV available, therefore we can't confirm compatibility for every model.

Basically, if your Smart-TV has USB keyboard support (check your TV documentation), the keyboard should work.


Condições de garantia
  • Trust oferece uma garantia ao comprador original de um revendedor autorizado.
  • O Seu Produto Trust está abrangido pelos termos e condições de garantia contra defeitos de fabrico por um período de um (1) Ano* a partir da data oficial de Compra, desde que adquirido em um dos nossos retalhistas Oficiais.
    • *na UE, existe um período de garantia mínima de 2 anos para qualquer produto vendido.
  • Em caso de defeito, devolva o produto ao revendedor onde o comprou com uma descrição da avaria, a prova de compra e todos os acessórios.
  • Durante o período de garantia receberá um produto de substituição entregue pelo revendedor, se disponível.
  • A garantia será anulada nos casos em que os produtos foram abertos, sofreram danos físicos, houve utilização indevida, modificações, reparação por pessoa não autorizada, descuido e utilização do produto para outros fins que não os pretendidos.
  • Exclusões de garantia:
    • Danos provocados por acidentes ou desastres, como por exemplo incêndio, inundação, terramoto, guerra, vandalismo ou furto.
    • Incompatibilidade com outro hardware/software não definida como requisitos mínimos do sistema.
    • Acessórios como as baterias e os fusíveis.
  • O fabricante não pode, em circunstância alguma, ser responsabilizado por danos consequentes ou acidentais, incluindo perdas de lucro nas vendas ou quaisquer outros danos comerciais, decorrentes da utilização do seu produto.

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