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Spill resistant keyboard wit a curved key placement for extra comfortable and accurate typing

Convex Keyboard-Visual
Convex Keyboard-Top
Convex Keyboard-Visual
Convex Keyboard-Top


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1 год
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Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP

USB port

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Convex Keyboard UK
Артикул 17604
EAN-код 8713439176049
Convex Keyboard DE
Артикул 17605
EAN-код 8713439176056
Convex Keyboard FR
Артикул 17606
EAN-код 8713439176063
Convex Keyboard IT
Артикул 17607
EAN-код 8713439176070
Convex Keyboard ES
Артикул 17608
EAN-код 8713439176087
Convex Keyboard PT
Артикул 17609
EAN-код 8713439176094
Convex Keyboard BE
Артикул 17610
EAN-код 8713439176100
Convex Keyboard RU
Артикул 17611
EAN-код 8713439176117
Convex Keyboard DK
Артикул 17612
EAN-код 8713439176124
Convex Keyboard FI/SE
Артикул 17613
EAN-код 8713439176131
Convex Keyboard CZ
Артикул 17614
EAN-код 8713439176148
Convex Keyboard HU
Артикул 17615
EAN-код 8713439176155
Convex Keyboard HR/SI
Артикул 17616
EAN-код 8713439176162
Convex Keyboard GR
Артикул 17617
EAN-код 8713439176179
Convex Keyboard TR
Артикул 17618
EAN-код 8713439176186
Convex Keyboard SK
Артикул 17619
EAN-код 8713439176193
Convex Keyboard CH
Артикул 17620
EAN-код 8713439176209
Convex Keyboard NO
Артикул 17709
EAN-код 8713439177091


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Версия 1.0 | Разноязычно
CE документов

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faq FAQ

Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ)

Решение проблем

If your keyboard isn't typing the correct characters, you may have the incorrect input language selected.
Please check the language preference settings of your system. If the correct language is not present, add this language to the system.
If you use more than one language on your system, make sure to select the correct one.

Set the correct language as explained in the keyboard settings page


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