Measuring, rethinking, recycling: Trust shares next steps in new Impact Report

Dordrecht, 25 October 2022, Press Release

trust impact report 2021-2022


To be a driver for positive change, Trust wants its products to be fairly produced and available to everyone. The company’s ‘Impact Report 2021-2022’ provides an impression of Trust’s journey towards making fair digital accessories the new norm: Fair for people. Fair for the planet. At fair prices.


“We are acutely aware of our role in the growing e-waste problem and the energy-intensive production of electronic products. Sustainability is not achieved overnight. It is a continuous effort, one undertaken every day and with everyone in the value chain. We want to be transparent about our actions and prove that it is possible to offer sustainable digital accessories at an affordable price.

- Dorothee de Backer, Head of products at Trust International B.V.



In 2021-2022, Trust focused on measuring its ecological footprint over the entire life cycle and looking into opportunities to reduce its negative impact (CO2eq) on the environment whilst also improving the circularity of products. 



Trust created ‘Ecodesign guidelines’, rethinking how products are designed, engineered, and used, and looking for ways to meet performance and quality requirements whilst using fewer resources across the full life cycle of products. These guidelines are now used to encourage our suppliers to produce more sustainably.


Using recycled materials

During this period, Trust also introduced the first of many products with post-consumer recycled plastic and sold the first products with their own FSC® label on the packaging. From now on, the company strives to make 80% of all new products with recycled materials and 75% of all new packaging from FSC®-certified carton.



Trust motivates and trains suppliers to meet the company’s high sustainability demands, asking for certifications to guarantee the origin of recycled materials. To ensure fair working conditions in our value chain, Trust also asks suppliers to become BSCI certified. 


EcoVadis Silver medal

Trust’s efforts have not gone unnoticed: in June the company was awarded a silver EcoVadis medal from the world's most trusted business sustainability ratings. This means that Trust is amongst the 25% most sustainable companies assessed by EcoVadis.


Read Trust’s ‘Impact Report 2021-2022’ online

The full report can be read and downloaded at our Clevergreen page. Trust’s ambition is to initiate and further intensify the dialogue with retailers, consumers, manufacturing partners, employees, and other stakeholders regarding how Trust can play its part in offering fair and affordable products to everyone. The ‘Impact Report 2021-2022’ aims to facilitate this dialogue by clearly stating the company’s ambitions, actions, progress, and challenges.



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