Wireless troubleshooting

To solve problems with Trust wireless products, follow these steps.

  1. Replace the batteries.
  2. Move the Trust wireless device closer to your computer.
  3. Connect the Trust wireless receiver to another USB port, closer to your Trust wireless device.
  4. Connect receiver to a front side USB port or an USB Hub (e.g. one of the Trust USB Hubs) which is on your desk.
  5. Press the Reset button on the bottom side of the mouse. (if available)
  6. Remove any other objects which are between your wireless device and the receiver, especially speakers.
  7. If you are using the product around large metal surfaces, remove the metal surface or move your product away from the metal surface.
  8. Remove any other wireless devices close by, like Wireless network routers (WLAN) or other keyboards/mice.
  9. Remove any other wireless receivers which are connected to USB ports close to your Trust wireless receiver.


When none of these steps are working, try your product on another computer.

If this solves the problem, then the issue might be with your computer. Consult with the manufacturer of your computer to solve the issue.