Champions are not born, they are built.

We understand that all great champions have to start at the bottom and that is why we don't have our sole focus on high-end products for the elite in the world. We have developed a range that will grow with you as you progress through the ranks. From basic, affordable items for everybody who wants to start playing their first games, up to specifically designed pro gear that will allow you to compete with the best of the best.

This philosophy is what we call #buildingchampions.

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Become a #buildingchampions eSports team

The road to becoming a champion means competing on many different levels. Nobody starts on top of mount Olympus, and the climb is long and hard. Following our #buildingchampions philosophy, we have our eyes on great teams on all levels of competitive gaming. From local heroes, to worldwide powerhouses. Fully supporting teams that show great promise now and in the near future, we currently have partners in Belgium, France, UK, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Chile and Japan. So are you and your friends planning to take the eSports world by storm, reach out to us and we can help you to become a champion!

Become a #buildingchampions ambassador

Not everybody is a born team player. That is why we also keep our eyes open for those one (wo)man armies who host a really promising Twitch and/or YouTube channel. Creative content makers who constantly try to improve themselves and those who watch their videos. Whether you are just starting to make waves in the online gaming community or you already have an established channel, get in touch with us! We would love to help you build your channel so you can help us build champions.